We are Cheshire YFC. The County's leading rural youth organisation.

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Live a lot. Learn a lot. Laugh a Lot!

The Cheshire Young Farmers’ Clubs heads a body of 11 Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFCs) in Cheshire dedicated to supporting young people in agriculture and the countryside. In the current day, Cheshire YFC is aimed at more than just the typical farmer, with many members coming from the County’s larger towns.

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Cheshire YFC provides a framework within which its clubs can offer their members a wealth of new experiences and opportunities for personal development and achievement, a much needed social and educational network and a safe environment for activities.

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Led by young people for young people, Cheshire YFC provide their members aged up to 30 with a unique opportunity to develop skills, work with their local community, travel abroad, take part in a varied competitions programme and enjoy a dynamic social life. From stock-judging to sport, quizzing to debating, there is something for everyone and plenty of new things to learn.

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Young Farmers is a place where you get involved in one silly competition after hearing about it from friends. A few years later you’ve got the confidence to be chairlady of that club, organising the silly events, getting up to all sorts that you will talk about for years with the same friends which pretty much turn into your family.

Jade RutterCheshire Young Farmers

Cheshire young farmers has given me a whole host of opportunities, opportunities that have given me lifelong transferable skills such as speechmaking and confidence which hasn’t only helped me competitively and socially, but also helps me in my chosen career.

Peter HuxleyCheshire Young Farmers

Cheshire YFC has played a big part of my life. It’s given me the opportunity to meet like minded people and most importantly, have lots of fun! I began playing netball at 14 and progressed to become Cheshire YFC captain, organising 14 teams to play every week. The skills and friends I have gained from young farmers are invaluable and I’d recommend any young person, farmer or not, to join.

Martha Gilman

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