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Junior Quiz 2018: 2nd Round

20 August 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The draws for the Competition are listed below with the ‘home team’ in the first column being responsible for organizing a venue for each of the 1st and 2nd Round Heats and the Semi-Final. The final will be held on Monday 17th September at Byley Village Hall. All of the rounds will commence at 7.30pm.

Home Team v Away Team

1st round – Mon 6th Aug
Malpas v Sandbach
Macclesfield v Nantwich

2nd round – Mon 20th Aug
1. Congleton v Malpas/Sandbach
2. Beeston v Stretton
3. Middlewich v Macclesfield/Nantwich
4. Knutsford v Altrincham

Semi Final – Mon 3rd Sept
A. Winner of 1 v Winner of 4
B. Winner of 3 v Winner of 2

The Final – Mon 17th Sept
Winner of A v Winner of B

Moody Bowl: 200 points for the winner
Subjects and Speech Titles: These will be communicated to Clubs one week prior to each round.


1. Each team is to consist of 6 members to include at least one male and one female member. Two members are to be under 18 years of age on 1st June 2018 and the remaining team members are to be under 21 years of age on 1st June 2018. All team members are to be a member of the Club for which they are competing and to be registered with the on-line Membership Facility by midnight on Monday 30th July 2018. Anyone signed up after this date will not be eligible to take part in the competition. Any member not registered with the on-line Membership Facility will result in that Club being disqualified from the competition and no Moody Bowl points will be awarded to that Club.

2. Order of competition:-
• 2 Rounds of questions
• Agricultural Speeches
• 2 Rounds of questions
• Non Agricultural Speech
• 2 Rounds of questions

3. In the Semi Final and the Final there will be a “Mastermind Round” where the subject matter will be communicated along with the Speech Titles in order for the best team member to be chosen. The round will be run on the basis of answering as many questions as possible in two minutes with a maximum of 25 questions in total; one correct answer, one point. The participating team member cannot be a speech maker.

4. In the Final there will be a buzzer round of questions.

5. In all cases, the Club(s) named as the “home team” in the draw above are all responsible for arranging the competition on the date fixed by the Federation and details of the venue and directions must be advised to the County Secretary at least ten days prior to the date of the heat. Each quiz will be conducted by two officials. One Question Master and one scorer, who will both be appointed by the Junior Quiz Committee, the decision of the Question Master will be final. A County Official shall be in attendance to keep time and assist generally.

6. No pens or paper are allowed on the team tables after the initial starter question has been answered and no team member is to be in the possession of any form of technology whilst the competition is taking place.

7. The Judge’s decision is final.

8. All competitions to commence at 7.30pm prompt, unless agreed by the two Clubs, the County Coordinator and the Junior Quiz Committee. Timings will be strictly adhered to.

5. All questions to be asked to individuals who must choose immediately to answer themselves for the maximum points or to confer with their team. If the individual (or team if appropriate) cannot answer correctly, it will be passed to the opposing team who may confer (unless a particular round is designated no pass questions).

6. Scoring Details
Quiz Questions:-
Correct answer to first individual 4 points
Correct answer – team conferred 2 points
Pass question 2 points
Audio Round – Teams allowed to confer
Each song will have 2 questions; 2 points will be awarded for each question making a total of 4 points If the team gets a question wrong, it will be passed over for the same points

7. Timing for answers:
First question 5 seconds
Confer 5 seconds
Passed 5 seconds
Time will be adhered to by the discretion of the Question Master.
Team Captains will nominate who will answer the question if conferring or passing a question.

8. Clubs may enter the competition without a full team but must have one male and female member and any members arriving late will be allowed to join the team. Quiz questions presented to the missing person will not be withdrawn, but asked as “team conferred”, then passed if incorrect and points will be awarded accordingly.

9. Each club is asked to provide a scoreboard on a loose leaf system and for a member to operate this.

10. It is advised that you read all farming press.

Speechmaking Competition:

a) Two members of each team will speak alternatively on two subjects, one on an agricultural subject.

b) The set speech subjects will be notified to the Club Secretaries via email, seven days before the event.

c) Team captains toss for choice of order.

d) Speakers are asked to speak for 5 minutes, with a minimum speech of 3 minutes and a maximum of 6 minutes. Warnings will be given after 3 minutes and 5 minutes.

e) Time penalty point deductions as follows:
2.00 – 2.59 minutes Minus 4 points
3.00 – 6.00 minutes No deductions
6.01 – 7.00 minutes Minus 4 points
7.01 – 8.00 minutes Minus 8 points

Time penalty points, if any to be deducted before the team’s two speeches are added together, no speech will accumulate nil points.

f) Whichever team performs first will take second place in the second set of speeches.

g) In each section, the second speaker must be out of the room while the first one is speaking.

h) The Quiz Master and scorer to act as judges for the speeches for the 1st and 2nd rounds, but separate judges for the Semi-Final and Final. Both Judges will mark the subject matter and presentation independently of each other. Each speech will be marked out of 30 by each judge, (15 points for subject matter and 15 points for presentation). The speech marks will be handed to the Federation Official whilst the remaining quiz rounds take place.

i) To decide the winner, the Question Master will add marks for the quiz and speech making together for a grand total. If a draw, a further round of quiz questions to be answered by members of both teams. If after this further round of questions, the clubs are still in a draw situation then the number of correctly answered individual questions (where clubs have scored 4 points) will be added together and the club with the highest number of these will be declared the winner. The Question Master will announce the result. In all competitions, Judges to comment on their markings for the public speaking.