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Cheshire YFC – Debate Semifinal

March 5 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Home vs Away
Sandbach vs Congleton – Smallwood Village Hall, School Lane, Smallwood, CW11 2UR
Middlewich vs Nantwich – The Oak Tree Of Peover, Back Lane, Lower Peover, Knutsford WA16 9SG
Moody Bowl: 200 points for the winner
  • The Home team will always propose the Agricultural Debate and Oppose the Non Agricultural Debate
  • With the exception of the Final it is the Home Team’s responsibility to book a venue for the Debate and to inform the County Coordinator of the address including the postcode by Saturday 27th Jan 2018
1. Team of Six Members
a. All to be within County Eligibility Rulings
b. All under 30 years of age on 1st June 2017
c. At least one Lady Member
d. At least one member of team who has not competed in this competition during the last County competition year.
2. Sections of Competition
a. Chairmanship
b. Non-Agricultural Debate
c. Set Speech
d. Agricultural Debate
e. Impromptu Speech
3. Order of Competition
Non-Agricultural Debate
Set Speeches
Impromptu Speeches
Agricultural Debate
4. Allocation of Team Members
One member of each team will propose/oppose the Non-Agricultural Debate.
One member of each team will second/second the opposition of the Non-Agricultural Debate.
One member of each team will propose/oppose the Agricultural debate.
One member of each team will second/second the opposition of the Agricultural Debate.
One member of each team will make Set Speech.
One member of each team will Chair one half of the evening’s programme.
Of the above allocation of positions, any one member can only take one position, i.e. all team members taking part.
One member of each team, who is allocated to the Agricultural or Non-Agricultural Debate, will make the Impromptu Speech. For the purpose of organisation and timing, it is not possible to allow Chairman or Set Speech speaker to carry out the Impromptu Speech.
5. Sections Description
a) Chairman
The Chairman will chair one half of the evening’s activity i.e. after welcome and opening by a representative of the Host Club. The first Chairman (decided by the toss of a coin before start of the competition) will take over, chairing the Non-Agricultural Debate and Set Speeches, including the organising of the first Impromptu Speech start of preparation. The second Chairman will take over one minute prior to the Impromptu Section and will be responsible from thereon for the rest of the competition, handing back to the host club for result announcements (by Chairman of the adjudicating panel) remarks, vote of thanks etc.
The Chairman will be judged on performance (see breakdown of marks) for the whole of the period in the Chair. Especially note that the Chairman will be expected to briefly introduce the debate subject and team speakers and sum up after debating. To assist the Chairman in concentrating on extra duties, a County Official will be entirely responsible for timing. The Chairman will not be timed for introduction or summing up, but for both duties is expected to be brief, adjudicators will mark accordingly.
b) Non-Agricultural Debate
This will be proposed and seconded by the away team (2nd in draw) and opposed and second opposed by the home team.
1. The Proposer will speak for 5 minutes (warned after 4 minutes)
2. The Opposer – as for 1. above
3. The Seconder will speak for 3 minutes (warned after 2 minutes). Will be expected to devote part of his/her speech to taking up and challenging the Opposer, this is in the interest of good debating tactics and can open up points for general debate.
4. Second Opposer – as for iii) above
5. General Debate – Will be 12 minutes in duration and will be judged critically as a team event; an even team performance and content is what the judges will be looking for. The Chairman will be expected to help to control this when several members wish to speak at he same time. There will not be any final points, but the debate will be stopped at 12 minutes by the ringing of a bell.
c) Set Speech
Will speak for 6 minutes and warned after 5 minutes. The order in which the set speakers and the impromptu speakers will speak will be decided by the toss of a coin before the start of the competition.
d) Impromptu
Will speak for 5 minutes and warned after 4 minutes. One minute will be allowed for teams to nominate the impromptu speaker in which teams can also pool ideas together for the speaker to take out with them. Preparation time will be 7 minutes, any delay for 1st Impromptu will be matched for Second Impromptu.
e) Agricultural Debate
This will be proposed and seconded by the home team (1st in draw) and opposed and sec-opposed by the away team. Continue as b) i – v) above.
6. Timing
A County Official will be responsible for timing.
For all speeches a warning will be given 1 minute before the required speech length. If a speaker is still speaking 2 minutes after the first warning, a second warning will be given at which time the speaker must cease speaking immediately.
Please note: Penalty Points will not be deducted for speeches over and under time.
7. Marking and Judging
A marking sheet gives 5 sections for marking, all equal (100) in an initial marking. This has been designed for the Judges’ convenience, remembering that he/she at the time of marking is concentrating on the performance of each competitor and section. Each speech will be marked under headings as stated on the marking sheet, with Debate Speeches (not split on marking sheet) taking sections into account as far as possible as for Set Speeches. In further explanation of sections, the following should be noted as the coverage of each section.
  • Opening
  • Logical Development
  • Effective Conclusion
  • Handling of Subject
  • Style
  • Word Picture
  • Range of Vocabulary
  • Appropriateness of Subject
Platform Manner:
  • Approach and Stance
  • Appearance
  • Mannerisms
  • Use of Gestures
  • Handling of Notes
Use of Voice: Modulation, Fluency, Clarity, Pace, Pauses, Punch
  • Audience Impact
  • Achievement of Aim
Whilst each section on the mark sheet is out of 100, being designed specifically to give a Judge a range of marks to allow necessary differentials, the end result carries a weighting according to the agreed prominence of each section within the whole, e.g. ranking. This ensures a result, without any possibility of a tie. The total of ranking bears no significance whatsoever and should not be considered by any competitor or team; the individual section marks indicate clearly the Judges’ decisions. Finally, each Judge will have a winning team and from the 3 Judges, it will give a unanimous or majority result. Results will be seen by the County Official to check mark sheets (with Chairman of Adjudicating Panel) before announcement. Mark Sheets will be available to teams on request.
8. Judges
The Senior Educational Competition Committee will provide a Chairman and 2 other Judges for each individual competition.
Judges will be invited to give adjudication covering a wide experience. Each Judge will be asked to comment at the end of the Competition, having decided at the start of the evening that each Judge will comment on different aspects.
9. Subjects
The subjects will be set by the Senior Competition Committee who is pleased to accept subjects from any Club for consideration. Subjects for consideration are to be forwarded to the Senior Competition Chairman.
10. Members
To be paid up members of the club for which they are competing and to be registered with the on line Membership Facility before midnight on Saturday 27th January 2018. Failure of any members not registered with the Online Membership Facility will result in that club being disqualified with no Moody Bowl points being awarded for that Clubs performance.
Team members should be notified to the County Coordinator by Saturday 27th January 2018
Individual competition rules still apply.